Adventures in Anal Part 1

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One of my sexual bucket list items for 2017 was anal sex and TSH agreed that we should look at ‘anal training’. This being us however, with our penchant for running before we can walk, put an interesting twist on events.

We’d previously used small toys, about a finger’s width or my beautiful, shiny, sparkly plug which is a little bit girthier but everything has always been static. Once it’s there, it’s there and it doesn’t move.

But at the weekend, TSH found a toy we’d casually bought about a year ago and left in the packaging because it was suddenly intimidating when it arrived. I explained to him again that it was the movement of something in my arse that I didn’t like, so he did what any responsible and good husband would. He plied me with the exact amount of alcohol that I could still actively consent but felt more relaxed.

He leant back against the headboard, pulled me over his knee and spanked me, let me focus on his hand and the hard swats. When he knew I was wet and wanting, he helped me on to my hands and knees and lubed up a digit. Very slowly, with a combination of me moving backwards and forwards to control the pace, he finger-fucked my arse. It felt so wrong, yet so good. And being in control meant I could relax and enjoy it better, stopping when I needed to, moving faster when I wanted to. I ended up back over his lap, letting him do all the work, grinding my clit against his thigh.

And when he suggested the new toy, I didn’t say no. I watched as he unwrapped it and I took it out of his hand. It was a double penetrator device, not much wider than his finger but longer and with wide, bead-like ridges. With cock and ball straps to hold it in place, he could fuck my cunt whilst the toy slid in and out of my arse.

“Take it slowly,” I whimpered, now wanting it so badly.

He stroked my hair and assured me he’d obey my every word.

I watched him put the device on, the rings making his cock strain harder. He slathered on enough lube and whilst it took a little bit of fumbling to get both appendages coordinated, he soon slid into both holes.

The sensation of being filled was overwhelming and it pushed his cock into a different position from normal. When he moved, oh-so-slowly back and forth, he pressed in places I didn’t know existed. Oh boy!

I’ve never come that quickly, that loudly and certainly never clenching like that. And he’d barely even moved.

He held himself, so controlled and rocked back and forth, telling me how tight it felt, how good the pressure on his cock from my arse was, how he loved how his every movement was magnified in the way I responded. Within seconds, he’d come too and we lay there in stunned silence at what we’d just shared.

“I’m going to fuck you harder with it, next time,” he said.

I clenched again. Fuck, yes!

See part 2 for what happened next!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Anal Part 1

  1. I’m glad your (first?) anal went so well – I’m totally jealous!
    My/our efforts have been more clumsy, and therefore more hit or miss. Like you, we found alcohol was the key to removing inhibitions and thus far have only ‘succeeded’ once.
    ( if you’re interested)

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