Adventures in Anal Part II

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So you may think that my last Friday’s blog post was the end of our anal adventures, but no, I did mention “running before walking”. The next night, we had a discussion about hentai. TSH watches a lot of anime but definitely on the kawaii side and I uttered the fatal words, “it can’t be that bad can it?” So we took the laptop to bed and brought up some tube sites. There was nothing on there particularly horrifying (or perhaps we just weren’t looking right!) but we ended up watching some BDSM clips and getting pretty horny.

“I want to play with your arse again,” TSH muttered, putting the laptop away. He grabbed me and pulled me over his lap. He finger-fucked, harder but still letting me call the shots.

“I really want to put that dildo in,” he said, pointing to a red (and forgive me please) jelly rubber dildo we have in the toy box. My eyes widened at the size of it but I nodded, whispering “yes.”

He quickly snapped a condom over it and liberally coated it in lube.

“Over the pillows then,” he said encouragingly, heaping them in the middle of the bed.

I did as I was told and leant over. He slid the toy in slowly, listening to my “yes”, “no” and “back a bit”, waiting until I was fully happy and pressing my hips back and forth.

“You’ve got a greedy arse,” he declared, all of a sudden. I was surprised; I thought it would hurt and stretch. Yes, there was a slight burning at one point but nothing like I expected.

TSH pressed his hand in the small of my back and manipulated the dildo in and out of my arse. I wedged my hand under my thighs and rubbed my clit, wanting the relief.

“Oh, don’t you dare come,” TSH said. “I still have plans for you.”

I may have whimpered then.

“When you’re ready,” TSH added, “I want to fuck your arse whilst you have a dildo in. I want you to be filled and know how tight you are, feel you clench against me. But not until you’re ready and I don’t think you’re ready yet.”

I think I whimpered again. I also think he was referring to far more practise with the dildo and other, future, occasions. But, well, it was late and I was horny and pretty desperate. Whilst I knew I wouldn’t come in that position, it already felt pretty damn good. And I wanted what he wanted.

“Please fuck my arse.” I never actually meant to say the words out loud. I was just running the shape of them through my head. And if he thought I needed to wait, then I’d wait. But… it was too late.

“Keep playing with yourself and the dildo,” TSH said. “But you’re still not allowed to come.”

He disappeared out of view and came back with my rabbit vibrator. I looked up at him puzzled.

“So you’re still in control,” he said. “Do you trust me?”

I looked back at him and nodded.

He withdrew the dildo and with me still facedown over the pillows, told me to get comfortable with the vibrator. I pushed it inside and found a low, consistent setting. It rumbled through my cunt and my clit and I relaxed even as I felt the bed shift behind me.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” He said.

TSH held himself in position as I pushed back and pulled forwards again, liking the stretch. There was a slight burning sensation at times but I eased back to counter it. I fucked myself with the dildo, feeling it pressing against his dick through my vaginal walls and TSH moaned in pleasure as the vibrations ran through him too.

“I’m in, kitty,” he whispered and relaxed down until he just laid on top, both of us feeling the vibrations. “Do you want me to try moving?”

“Yes,” I told him and then with a panic, shot out, “but slowly!”

He eased back and forth; it must have been torture for him but he felt so good. At times, I had to tell him to stop as there were uncomfortable waves and he did, waiting for me to tell him he could move again.

In the end, it became too much and he withdrew. He took the condom off, flipped me over and fucked me hard. Despite wanting to come, it took ages for my body to re-adjust itself. But TSH just took it in his stride and once I’d clenched round his dick, moaning and writhing, he took his pleasure from me too.

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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Anal Part II

  1. “Please fuck my arse”
    OMG, what man doesn’t want to hear that? Seriously, anal is still such a sexual taboo it really helps when a woman opens that door directly. Because unless your man is a Type A Alpha Male it likely won’t happen without input from you (the woman).
    So kudos to you both for being able to talk about it openly (since so many couples can’t/don’t).

    1. I’m a lot more able to be open and verbal about my desires since the coaching before Christmas. It helped me understand my boundaries and how to say no. Being able to say no has enabled me to say ‘yes’ and ‘maybe’ more, and vocalise a lot more besides.

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