Orgasm Control & Denial

I normally identify as “bottom leaning towards submissive.” TSH and I have tried various D/s dynamics and levels but they’ve never quite worked. So, I’ve never experienced submission on all levels. A recent conversation with FLG, combined with a couple of Girl on the Net posts, got me thinking though…

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Fat Leg

A futo momo is a rope tie, meaning ‘fat leg’. It’s an ankle to thigh tie and can be used for self-bondage as well as being tied by other people. I’ve seen it used on arms and legs and in both suspension and floor work. And there’s something about the constriction of rope that’s lovely and releasing, not to mention admiring the patterns the rope leaves on the skin…

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Stuck (Heart Vs Head)

I had a choice of blog posts lined up today… one about my first kiss and a very serious conversation with FLG and the other, about TSH’s missed opportunity to fuck another woman. But neither of them seemed right.

I’m currently sat outside in the sun, a gentle breeze running through my hair, barefoot because it’s warm enough. Work-wise, I’ve not done anything other than check my emails for the past couple of days (good for a workaholic to know that it doesn’t all go to shit without me on it 24/7) and my head’s all over the place. The bucolic scene in the background belies the fact that I have 48 hours left to make the decision of my life, knowing whatever I choose, it is the hardest choice I’ll ever make…

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