Animalistic Hunger

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He looked at me with an intensity I’d not seen for a while. Animalistic hunger in his eyes as he leant down to kiss me. He saw the change in me. I went straight into a softer, more submissive headspace and let him take total charge.

“I’m going to hurt you.” His words went straight to my cunt. And he dragged me upstairs, not that I needed much encouragement.

Once in the bedroom, he pushed me back against the wall, holding me there as he kissed me, hard plundering kisses that left me wobbly in anticipation.

He half-took off my clothes, my top pulled over my head but not quite off. And he propelled me onto the bed, face down, my top tangling round my head. With no ceremony, he yanked my jeans down to my knees and in complete contradiction, spent a moment smoothing my knickers over my bottom.

I knew what was coming but the first hard slap still managed to surprise me. He spanked hard and fast a few times, then eased and soothed the skin, falling into a repeating rhythm.

He scratched my back, not too hard and not too gently, varying the intensity and letting me move into and away from his hands. My bra was unfastened in the process, allowing him long movements, from my neck to the base of my spine. I think I may have purred.

He got the cuffs out, clipping my wrists together. My precarious position on the bed meant I brought my hands back towards my head for comfort, so he put a collar on me and fastened the cuffs to the back of my neck. It pushed my face further into the mattress, blocking out a lot of the light and made me work a little to breathe comfortably.

Back to the spanking, hard and soft, fast and slow, massaging and kneading until I was a moaning, happy mess. And then he pushed his fingers into all my sensitive bits, finding the bruises and places that made me react to the pain. He made me breathe until I managed to take it.

I think it was then he got the flogger out. It’s got a beautiful thud but can sting too. He stood over me, his foot across my shoulders as he flogged my bottom. Then swapping stance, he flogged my back in big sweeping movements that took my breath away but felt so damn good.

I heard him rattle around, picking something up and when he came back to me, he straddled me, facing away, his feet near my armpits. It held me firmly in place as he started to paddle my bottom with the small wooden cutting board. I hate the sting of it, but love where it takes me.

I wriggled and moaned and tried to make him stop but he didn’t. He eased off and massaged and then continued, taking me right to the edge of what I could handle, over and over. And at some point, he found a sweet spot. A place that felt like he was playing with my clit. I’m pretty sure that had we managed to get that right, it could have been very interesting.

He continued on my right cheek until it was purple and bruised and then used his fingers to push into all the right places again. Once he had me moaning, he flipped me over, unfastening my hands and working a pillow under my head.

“Do you want to come?” he asked and I nodded, my words failing me.

He pushed his hand against my cunt, feeling out my clit and started stroking in just the right place. I bucked my hips up to him but he moved his hand, frustrating me. Pushing the fingers of his other hand into my mouth, he pulled my head round to meet his gaze.

I closed my eyes, I could see exactly what he was going to do to me. He continued playing with my clit, bringing me oh-so-close and backing away a couple of times.

“I think I want something in return,” he said. And I nodded. I knew what he wanted.

He straddled me, pushing his cock into my mouth, letting me work my mouth around it at my own pace and adjusting until I was comfortable.

I moaned against him as he continued to play with me, bringing me close, easing off and edging me again and again. Each time, the tremors of my moans vibrated through him and he got harder in my mouth.

And he let me come, big pulsing clenches that I echoed through his dick as I writhed beneath him. They lasted a while and I continued to suck and lick as my body enjoyed my orgasm.

He turned all his attention to what I was doing and I watched his stomach muscles clench and relax, clench and relax.

“I’m getting close,” he said and pulled out of my mouth. He shuffled down me, one hand on my stomach to hold me in place as he jacked himself off above me. When he came, he coated me, from my stomach, over my breasts and managed to get as far as my hair, a liberal coating hitting my mouth and eyes.

Releasing my hands, he wrapped me in the duvet and hugged me until I came fully round.

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