A Spanktastic Night, Part 2

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“I still need you to hurt me,” I said, looking up at TSH. I felt lovely and loose and relaxed after my spanking but there was a bit of me that craved more. I grinned. “I need you to fasten me to the bed, and tease me. Wind me up until I can’t take any more. Hurt me hard. Make me grip your cock with my cunt when you finally let me come.”

“Wait there,” came the reply.

TSH fastened me into the cuffs, attaching my wrists separately, as far as they could be stretched, to the bed. He moved down my body, squeezing, pinching, biting and I writhed beneath him. I was stil wet from the spanking but I needed more. Needed to be controlled. Needed to feel.

TSH grabbed some clothes pegs and pinching my nipples, attached the pegs deep and hard. They hurt. He waited until my breath steadied and tugged and twisted at them. He put more pegs on my labia and repeated his pattern of manipulating them until he heard me suck my breath in through my teeth, a sure sign he was pushing me to my limit.

When he thought I’d had enough of the pegs, he pushed my thighs further apart and slapped at the already-tender, inner flesh. I couldn’t move away from him and he delighted in my pain. It had been a long time without play for both of us and despite how much it hurt, it felt like we were coming home.

His final torture was using the wand vibrator on me. Short burst of vibration on my clit as I writhed beneath him, before taking it away. He alternated with finger-fucking me, his fingers gliding through my wetness.

At one point, he had the wand on me so lightly that I pushed my hips up, desperate for more pressure, only for him to push me down again. “I’m the one in charge,” he said, easing the wand off.

I clenched. This was the control I wanted.

He removed the pegs. Each one gave a renewed burst of pain as the circulation came back. He massaged each pinch point, knowing that it wasn’t pleasure but pain that I’d experience.

And finally, he pushed his hard cock into my cunt. He slid straight in, a nice long glide of pure pleasure. I laid beneath him, bruised and lazily floating on a small endorphin rush. He took me right to the edge, pinning me with his arm across my shoulders, his hand across my mouth, his hand in my hair and fucked me hard. He thrust downward against my pubic bone, trapping my clit between us to get enough pressure. I didn’t need much though; he’d already wound me up to near-boiling point.

I came hard. Gasping as I clenched round his cock. Big muscular contractions that were pure pleasure pulsed through my entire system. More bliss. But TSH wasn’t finished and continued to fuck me.

Out of nowhere, I felt a second orgasm bubble up. I’m not multi-orgasmic and always need recovery time, so this was rare for me. He continued to pin me down, pushed his fingers into my mouth to hold me head in place and bit by bit I crept towards that second release.

My body held me there for far too long and I had to dig into my head to find the right mental images to tip me over the edge. I went to some dark places and finally found something that worked. The way I felt, I couldn’t not orgasm; there was too much pent up frustration needing release, so I had to get there. It’s just not how my body is naturally wired, so it needed the extra mental push on top of the physical sensation.

When I did come, it wasn’t the same sort of release as the first. It was forced and not as pleasurable. Better than not coming, I think, but not something I’d choose.

TSH was happy though and as I slumped back into my wrist cuffs, totally spent, he fucked me hard until he came too.

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8 thoughts on “A Spanktastic Night, Part 2

  1. Sounds like he was definitely in charge. Sorry about the second orgasm not being as fulfilling as the first, but it seems you really needed this treatment and the release

    1. It was exactly what I needed… Pleasure, pain, release and definitely felt far more grounded afterwards. The second orgasm thing wasn’t unexpected, though would have been lovely if it had been another release.

  2. I love the way you talk about your second orgasm. Coming more the once is often like for me, I have to really concentrate and it takes time and often it is not as pleasurable as the first one


    1. I keep reading about people who can orgasm multiple times and without meaning to, I feel abnormal. So thank you for sharing what you’ve said, it does help me realise that everyone’s different 🙂

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