All Good Things…

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Yesterday, I met FLG for lunch. It was lovely. We chatted about all sorts of things until we had to address the elephant in the room.

We’d agreed to meet and talk face to face about stuff. About the fact that what we had wasn’t working. We both knew the ball park of what we had to say, but we wanted to do it in person and do it gently, do it kindly. Let each other down easy, as it were. We both knew a long time ago what we had to do, we just had to get there.

We left as friends and said we’d continue to be friends. I hope it’s true; he’s an amazing guy, it was just that we met at the wrong time. And I really do have the feels for him.

But I don’t know if or when I’ll see him next/again. I don’t know whether we’ll just fade from each other’s lives like we were never there.

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