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Blindfolds and sensory deprivation. The delicious flip of anticipation when you’re left to guess at what comes next, the false sense of security when whoever you play with breaks their pattern and surprises you. How it enhances your senses, makes you aware of your breath and brings you more fully into the present.

I get overwhelmed and anxious, even with people I trust. Blindfolds are way of reducing that overload, helping me bring my head to the present. Allowing me to focus on what is happening rather than what I think might happen. It’s a powerful thing.

And if I’m able to combine it with slowing my breath or tight bondage, it becomes an almost meditative experience. Another occasion when the hamster wheel of my brain will stop. Or significantly slow down, at least.

When I’ve found my quieter space, I’m much more aware of every single sound. Every single movement. In familiar surroundings and with TSH, I can take pretty good educated guesses at what he’s doing, picking up, about to play with. He’s wiser to me now then and switches things around, lays false trails, delights in my frustrations.

Communication is different too. I subconsciously use my hands to signal and will squeak and sigh, moan and verbally react to whatever is going on. When I’m blindfolded, I lose some of my inhibitions and amplify myself more.

In return, I need communication. No sudden movements or impacts – a reassuring hand or whisper that lets me know that I’m safe, that I can keep breathing, that I can stay in my dark bubble a while longer and just… let… go.

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8 thoughts on “Blinded

  1. I like to see and so blindfolds tend not to be my thing, every now he will use one but as a general rule they tend to disconnect me rather than connect me to what is happening


  2. the dark safety of the mind as a lover takes you to places can be so invigorating. blindfolds are such a wonderful way to do this.
    wonderful picture of that tender and exciting time you enjoy

  3. You are right in that being blindfolded can create extra sensations . . . and feelings . . . because one gives away control!
    (Though I will only ever hand over control to one lover, but I do know what you mean!)
    Xxx – K

    1. I really do have to trust someone before I’ll even consider handing over control, but it’s such a relief of pressure for me when it is the right scene.

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