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I still don’t like my squishy bits, particularly round my tummy. But whether I like it or not, it’s all me, every single bit and whether I lose or gain weight, there’s some things that won’t change. There’s bits of me that are genetically wired and I need to learn to accept them: my build is part of my collective history, a line of ancestry that goes back for generations. There’s been some fierce, strong women in my family and I should be proud of that and wear my body like a badge of honour. Adjusting my thinking to this will take time, but I’ll get there, it’s already happening.

Sinful Sunday: All of Me

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18 thoughts on “All of Me

  1. I love the absolute positive nature of this post. The image is beautiful, but the words are special and so true! We should all accept ourselves as we are, but I know how difficult it is…

    Rebel xox

  2. I hear you. I have the same kind of hang ups but I am slowly learning to love all my bits equally as they are all equally me and I am pretty awesome 😉 Wishing you much success with the squishy bit loving!

    1. I know I’m my own worst critic, bit trying to see my body through​ a different pair of eyes is really hard. I very much doubt TSH would want to change a single thing though!

  3. I love that you posted this.
    I know that someone who pays pretty women half his age to play with him might not seem very body positive but live everything about this post.

    1. I’ve read your blog posts. You worship these women and there is nothing negative about what you do. Thank you for commenting… I’m really going to try x

  4. A beautiful natural photograph. My absolute favourite kind! I love your words and hope I can remember them next time I go to avoid my reflection in the mirror. Thank you x

  5. I don’t think there’s a single person out there that truly loves every part of us. Some are better at hiding those insecurities than others, most of us chose to highlight the areas we like best. Then there are others who focus on the whole picture, embrace the wobbly bits with the smoother bits and project a positive image…we are beautiful…you are beautiful!

    1. Thank you. It’s so hard to read your last sentence and accept you’re talking about me, but we are all beautiful, whether we see it or not xxx

  6. Beautiful, the photo and the words. I know how it feels to not always like everything we are, and I also know how good it feels to remind ourselves where we come from and that what can be seen as a flaw, can also be seen as a strength. It’s awesome of you to post a photo that pushes your boundaries. I love it. I love the tone of your skin and the shape of your curves and the glimpse of your soul that you share.

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