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I’ve never enjoyed vanilla fucking. Until TSH sex was pretty mediocre and boring. It didn’t excite me and certainly didn’t turn me on. Yes, I could orgasm and having someone’s attention was nice, but quite frankly, I really didn’t understand the fuss.

And then I met TSH and even vanilla sex wasn’t vanilla. There’d be grabbing and slapping. A bit of pinching, hair pulling or perhaps verbal humiliation. And I really, really loved it. I’d be more interactive and would orgasm harder, feeling engaged with what was going on.

But more recently, there has been vanilla fucking. By rights, I should have found it boring but I haven’t. I’ve seen it as a kind of mutual worship rather than something to be tolerated and endured. I’ve enjoyed the more focused sensations. And I’ve noticed it, been present because I’ve not been distracted by pain and all the delicious ways that TSH uses to tease and torture me with.

I’ve heard every sound, from moans, to that slight squelch of sweaty bodies pressed against each other. The noise that a wet cunt makes, bearing down on a rigid cock. The look of pleasure. The feel of hands. I’ve been playful, enjoying changing position and been vocal, expressing my enjoyment.

It’s like my wiring has been bypassed and whilst unexpected, it’s definitely very, very enjoyable.

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8 thoughts on “Vanilla

  1. I think it’s the connection that matters. What you described as your “early” vanilla sex is kind of our kinky sex (not, though, our “kinky fuckery”) because we love it rough. Whatever flavor you call it, what matters most is that you connect to it on some level. Based on what you said about past vanilla sex, I wonder if the connection with TSH was what was needed to make “vanilla” enjoyable to you.

    1. I think @kaylalords described it best, about it being the connection that matters. I surprised myself by liking it as much as I have but it’s not something I could live solely with, not by a long shot.

    1. The connection is really important but I don’t think I could ever forego kink as it’s integral to who I am.

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