Just Desserts

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Apparently, Brats (note the capital B!) eventually get what’s coming to them. An hour of “behaviour adjustment” later… and do you think my attitude changed?!

Apparently, I’m such a terrible Brat that I’ll need ongoing correctional sessions. Damn πŸ˜‰

Sinful Sunday: Just Desserts

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24 thoughts on “Just Desserts

    1. Ha, I like the pun! To be fair, it takes a lot more than that to stop me in my tracks, physically and mentally. It didn’t take long for the pink or the pain to fade, sadly. And I do like to think of myself as ‘playful’ rather than ‘brattish’ πŸ™‚

  1. Those are some very impressive marks! And I like how your fingers are clasped together in, what, pleasure? Pain? Either way, definitely looks like you got your just desserts!

    1. I’d kicked up and stretched my fingers out at a particularly painful series of whacks with the paddle, which caught my fingertips (my fault). I clasped them together as self-preservation!

  2. Hot! My favourite part of a meal has always been the Dessert. Love the pinkness of your cheeks against the rest of your skin. It certainly leaves an impression. Great image!

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