Those fingers…

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I love being fingered; it can be done in so many delicious ways that make me so, so wet.

The promise of the slow teasing trail of your fingertips pressing against the fabric of my underwear. My labia soaking up the pressure, wanting more. Cotton deepens the sensation, whereas silkier fabrics seem to lighten it. Thinner fabric lets me feel every little movement, amplifying it all across my cunt. Thicker fabrics focus it all in one place. I’ll cant my hips against your hand, writhing hungrily against your touch. Wanting no, needing more.

My knickers being pushed to one side for first your fingers then your cock to be thrust hard into me. There’s no delicacy, just hurried finger fucking to get me open and ready. Perhaps pressure applied my clit if I’m lucky. But this is about being fucked for the sake of fucking, not about my pleasure.

The agonisingly slow circling of my clit whilst you push your fingers into me, stretching and massaging until I moan. I’ll push up, wanting more. Greedily taking everything you give me. And when you curl your fingers up hard into the ridged wall of my vagina, I’ll want to come. But I need the pressure on my clit, too. How much you tease depends on the mood you’re in.

The sneaky “hands down my pants” when no-one’s looking. The promise of what’s to come. That knowing smile of what you’re doing to me, the whispered reminders of what I want, keeping me on that edge until we get home.

When I don’t come round your cock and instead, you pull out and replace your fingers. I can take more, slick with liquid heat. And you caress and cajole as I rub my clit, words of encouragement to match the tempo of your hand. And then as I come, the pressure against your fingers is pure pleasure and you let the waves roll through me until I slump back.

The extra touches. Rolling my labia between thumb and forefinger, you gradually increasing the pressure until I gasp, processing whether it’s pleasure or pain. Sharp, quick taps of the flat of your fingers against my mons. Again, it’s between pleasure and pain. Your thumb pushing against my clit. Or the tight ring of my arse. Teasing, ever edging me towards clenching harder, wanting more.

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    1. Mmmm. I’m permanently turned on when I’m writing my own posts. And only read others in moderation… They do make me squirm in my seat 😉

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