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We don’t play with rope nearly enough, but it’s the ultimate form of bondage for me. I’m tied, knowing I can’t escape. Stress and strain put on my muscles in ways that I relax into and then, my brain slows down. If there’s pain, it becomes a dull, distant throb and I barely notice it after a while. Of course, there are other ways to play with rope that I love: painful and deliberate, dynamic, keeping me on my toes, making me breathe hard, and always pushing my limits.

Sinful Sunday: Rope

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22 thoughts on “Rope Play

    1. Oh, there’s so much about rope that I love. Definitely the intimacy and also trust. And to be honest, I’d like to say time together too, but I lose all track of time and think it’s been 5 minutes when it’s actually been an hour!

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