Looking Forward

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Last week and in celebration of my 40th birthday this month, I wrote a retrospective list. And then I thought, “fuck it,” I’ll write a looking forward list. Also, now referred to in my head as my “fuckit” list, which is surprisingly apt.

The list is a little disordered, as I scribbled things down as they occurred:

  • Continuing the huge strides I’ve made with my body confidence and self-belief.
  • Keep on setting my expectations high and not compromising. I’m worth more than that.
  • Exploring my non-het urges, should opportunity arise.
  • Find a poly dynamic that works for everyone involved, if/when I find someone else I want to get involved with.
  • And within that, find a D/s dynamic that works for me and within a poly setup.
    • Find play partners who I can trust to shatter me into a thousand pieces and put me back together again in a session.
    • Explore my submissive side with someone who’ll push me but keep me safe.
    • Following on from that: Being made to wear a buttplug/clit clamp/nipple clamps/no knickers in public.
    • Or subtle public play e.g. someone hurting me using pressure points.
  • Be used whilst tied over a coffee table (blame Tumblr!).
  • Have someone use remote controlled toys on me. There are many scenarios for both this and the coffee table thing.
  • Skype sex.
  • Mile high club.
  • Anal sex, again.
  • MFM threesome.
  • Double penetration (two men).
  • Being made to watch TSH having sex with someone else.
  • Do a naked photo shoot.
  • Find out what a whip feels like.
  • Sunbathe naked on a beach.
  • Explore edging, orgasm control and denial.
  • Being in a position where I really beg. I’ve never been in quite that position before. Close, but not quite there.
  • Blow jobs: be able to swallow/take more without either panicking or my twitchy gag reflex kicking in.
  • Visit more kink/fetish events. Play at some of those. I loved the little public play that I’ve done.
  • Being at a kink event on a collar and lead; I’m curious as to what that level of ownership, even if for one night, will do to my head.
  • Lots more rope and hard bondage. It’s totally freeing for my mind.
  • Wear clothes that make me feel sexy more: my corsets, hold-ups, actually break those suspenders out of their packaging!

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6 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. WOW, another great list. Sometimes it’s better to look forward than looking back, although one can never look forward without looking back and taking the lessons from the past to make the future even better.

    I look forward to read posts on you fulfilling some of the items on your fuckit list 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. I’ve already achieved one of the list items, so it’s a very good start to this decade and there’s be a blog post or two coming up 🙂 x

  2. I think I could help you with one of these…. it involves my camera and you without your clothes on. Interested?

    Oh and if you fancy a kink club in Lutterworth then get in touch and you could come hang with us and meet our friends


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