Holiday Heat

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It was too hot to fuck; we were melting in the 31 degree heat. So we decided to go for a swim to cool off and wait for the evening to sort our libidos. First though, we had to apply sunscreen…

I sprawled out, face down on the bed and let TSH rub me down. He was firm and methodical, mindful that I was tired and my muscles were aching. He spent a disproportional amount of time rubbing the lotion into my ass, considering I was about to get dressed, but I didn’t stop him as we both enjoyed it.

“Turn over,” he said and I did. He continued to cover every inch of my front, too. Again, whether he needed or not. And when he massaged the lotion into my inner thighs, hand just brushing against my labia, I let out a small moan. He ignored it, or so I thought, and finished off the job he’d started.

He lay next to me on the bed and pulled my thighs apart, gripping the delicate flesh firmly, not that I argued. And then with a delicate touch, almost imperceptible at times, he stroked my labia, dancing his fingers over my clit. Over and over. It was torture. And I don’t know whether it was the exposure to the hot air or the suncream on his hands, but every touch felt like fire spreading through me. I needed more.

“Please?” I asked and he grabbed my mons hard. A louder gasp escaped my lips. And then he continued teasing and stroking, interspersing his gentle touches with harder pinches and grabs as I writhed beneath his fingers. Every so often, he’d slip one inside me and out again, in a long, slow, agonising tease.

I reached for his cock, making him shuffle towards me. I wanted it in my mouth, a rare want for me, but one that was powerful nonetheless. He leant in, one hand on the headboard to steady himself, the other still stroking my cunt.

I licked the tip of his cock and it was his turn to gasp. He stopped stroking and I stopped what I was doing. “That’s not the deal,” I said, feeling brave and in control. He nodded and we both carried on.

He kept me on edge, circling and pinching my clit until I hummed and moaned with desperation, it reverberating through his dick as I continued licking and sucking. And finally I came, shuddering beneath his hand. He flattened it hard against my cunt, letting me have the pressure of it so I could fully realise my orgasm.

Once sated, I pulled him more towards me. He straddled my torso, both hands on the headboard now. We know it’s a good position for me to suck him off in. I used my hands to control his cock, taking him as far as I dared, in and out, in and out. I knew he was close when he wrapped one hand into my hair and supported my head.

“Can I trust you?” I asked. “Hold my head firm and fuck my mouth. Only go as far in as you’ve been so far. And I’ll let you know when it’s too much.”

He very gently fucked my mouth, him now doing the moving, not me. I know he’d love to have lost control but he didn’t; he respected my boundaries and that this was a huge thing for me.

And when it got too much, I tapped his thigh and he pulled out, finishing himself in seconds. He came over my chest and neck in big, satisfying spurts and I knew that would tide us both over until it cooled down later.

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