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We came in from the beach; the wind had sandblasted us with ever-increasing ferocity until we gave in. The mica in the sand made us sparkle and I joked we should be Twilight extras.

We both took a shower. An intricate dance in the tiny space, with inconsistent water supply and temperature, battling the too-short shower curtain from sticking to your torso.

I got out, letting myself dry naturally in the hot air and pulled a sundress on. We sat on the patio, and I put my feet up on the spare chair, hitching my dress and adjusting my position until my naked cunt was directly in TSH’s line of sight.

It didn’t take long. He pulled me back into the room and threw me on the bed. He pushed my dress up until I was fully exposed and laid on top of me, pressing his body weight in, pressing his lips on mine, pressing my fingers round the bars of the wrought iron headboard.

And then he surprised me. He kissed down my torso, pausing to tease my nipples with his teeth before continuing down. And pushed my thighs wide, so he could run his tongue along the length of my labia. He manoeuvred into a better position and held my labia apart, letting the warm breeze flow across me so intimately before returning his mouth to me.

He didn’t push me too hard, just enough for me to enjoy it. And he alternated his mouth with his fingers, pinching at my labia and clit. Not so much that I moaned in pleasure, but enough that he knew would make me wet.

When he thought I was ready, he shucked off his clothes and thrust inside me. I was ready, wet and tight, wanting his cock in me. I loved the look of pleasure on his face.

“You’re not going to come,” he said. “You advertised yourself to me like a little slut and I’m going to use you.”

I feigned innocence but he thrust harder. I canted my hips to draw him in deeper and heard a quiet sigh escape the back of his throat. Still holding on to the bed, as instructed, I wrapped my legs round his waist, adjusting the angle until I knew it was just right.

There’s a point in me that he hits. It’s intense, overwhelming but feels so good. And I know when he’s hitting that he’s about to come, so I steadied my hips and pulled him in closer with my heels until he let go.

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