A Sweaty, Sticky Night

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It was late and dark and we were both restless. We orbited round in our own small circles, our limbs occasionally entwining, both of us unable to sleep. TSH spooned up behind me and very gently and deliberately bit into the top of my shoulder. It was a long slow burn as he increased the pressure. Sensation registering as pain and blooming into hard pleasure, spreading through my body.

He rolled on top of me and I spread out beneath him, facing down. I hooked my feet round the bottom of the mattress and held on to the opposite corner with my hands, fully stretching out as I absorbed his body heat. And when we were ready, he pushed into my slickness and began a languid fuck.

His cock pushed against the front wall of my vagina in long, slow movements, exciting and teasing me until I moaned in want. He hit all my good spots and slipped his hand under me, until his fingers were flattened against my clit. I ground down and our combined position pulled him against the crack of my ass as he thrust in and out. He was in deep and we both loved it.

It felt fucking amazing. And I so desperately wanted to come. Everything was right, except that my body doesn’t let go. It’s a gorgeously frustrating wind-up; almost edging and enough to make me involuntarily clench, over and over.

My hand replaced his and I used every trick I knew. But to no avail. I stopped trying and relaxed back, enjoying the stimulation, the flood of sensations and the skin-on-skin contact.

I became over-stimulated and both being tired, we agreed to each finish ourselves off.

Rolling back, the smell of sweat and sex hung between us, the sticky, wet sound of two people frantically getting themselves off filled the air.

I came first, two fingers pushed inside myself to compensate for the lack of cock. Huge waves of orgasm crashed over me and I lay back after, sated, listening to TSH jacking himself off.

I grinned and then did something completely out of character, bringing my fingers to my mouth to lick my juices off, completely unseen in the dark.

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4 thoughts on “A Sweaty, Sticky Night

  1. I’ve done exactly the same . . . and often knowing that we are watching each other finish what the other has started makes the climax all the more engulfing!
    Wonderful post!!!
    Xxx – K

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