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We went away for the night and I took the opportunity to test out some striped hold-ups. They were a let down (literally!) but we also had some kinky fun. I love how this photo shows so many different stripes: the hold-ups, the bedding, the cane strikes across my bottom and even the vague hint of stretch marks.

Sinful Sunday: Stripes

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36 thoughts on “Stripes

    1. Don’t get these ones (linked in reviews in the menu.) They looked great from a distance, but were sadly impossible to wear.

  1. I so love the theme and the framing of this photo – it’s lovely! Sorry to hear the stockings didn’t hold up like you expected, but it looks like you managed to have a good night anyway. πŸ˜‰

  2. I have a very similar looking pair of striped stocking and they were a total let down too! But your other stripes are stunningly beautiful.

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