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I’ve always hated the thought of not wearing underwear and would go so far as to call it a soft limit. TSH and I actually discussed it earlier this week. He saw me getting dressed, pulling a long skirt as the first item. He wasn’t in the room when I finished dressing. When he came back in, his first reaction was to run his hand up the back of my thigh and bottom to see whether I’d put my knickers on.

He was a very disappointed man.

There’s the whole thing of ensuring you’re wearing clean undies in case you’re in an accident (morbid, right?) or my mother’s policy that I’ve not fully taken on board of making sure that bra and knickers match… all these things feed into the idea that you’re supposed to wear underwear.

I think it’s fear. Fear that I’ll somehow embarrass myself. Fear that I’ll literally, somehow, be exposed.

But I don’t quite know what there is to be scared of. I’ve never been, like I often read in erotica, absolutely dripping with lust.

I don’t wear short skirts either, much to TSH’s disappointment.

I like the idea of it – it’s something incredibly ‘naughty’ in my mind, something that totally rebels against what I’ve been brought up to believe. And when I sunbathed naked on holiday or went for a swim, I loved the feeling of the air or water on every part of my body. But I’d never do it voluntarily.

I like the idea of being told not to. Erotica where the Dom sits in the restaurant with his sub’s knickers in his pocket (or a variation on that theme) is quite frankly, extremely hot.

But, it’s the idea of it. A theory. If I were told, I’m not sure I’d willingly agree. It’s not something that I could know the night before or even before I got dressed; I’d completely overthink it. It would have to be sprung on me, almost like my knickers were being confiscated… whether I’d manage in real life, without having a minor meltdown, I don’t know.

But it’s a great fantasy.

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13 thoughts on “Going Commando

  1. One of the first things my very first Dom told me to do was to take off my panties and that I wouldn’t be wearing them again. And the first time I went out wearing just a skirt and nothing underneath it, I was very nervous, quite sure everyone knew. Of course, they didn’t. It’s been four years now and I haven’t worn underwear since.. not panties or a bra. I love the freedom of going commando. In fact, if the Dom I’m working at the time tells me to put them on, I consider it punishment.

    1. That’s really interesting. I have to wear a bra (bigger boobs, backache) but would happily get rid of that. But my knickers… Not sure I could…

      1. I have big boobs too, but I found for me that wearing the bra was worse for my back than not and the straps falling down was always so annoying… I have very narrow shoulders.

        But we all have to do what makes us the most comfortable.

  2. The first time I went commando I felt very exposed and scandalous and I worried so much. Of course no one found out. Now it feels normal not to wear any but I will wear underwear if the moment calls for it. Parent/teacher meetings, short skirts in vanilla settings, stuff like that.

    1. This is what I keep reading from you, and other people. I know that absolutely no-one could know, but at the same time I have that level of fear!

  3. For me its more of a habit mostly on weekends. Nothing D/S about it, sort of an anti fashion statement.

    My wife wears or doesn’t wear panties as the mood suits her. Bras are a requirement though due to chest size.

  4. I remember the first time very clearly. I felt incredibly naughty and also nervous but I quickly realised that I actually liked the feeling. I do think it helped that I was bought up in a house where being naked was seen as completely normal and I can remember my Mother teaching me never to wear knickers in bed because ‘it was good for it to get some air’.

    Now I am nearly always knickerless, sometimes in the winter I wear them with tights or jeans but that is about it


    1. I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin until more recently and if I wear anything in bed, it’s my knickers. Perhaps if I tried it, I might like it, but I’m not going to be trying it voluntarily!

  5. Everyone feelings on going pantiless is different. I actually find your attitude to be endearing. But, I have to say, the more a woman wants to hold on to her underwear, the more (as a dominant) I want to take them away.

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