High Rise

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One of the big changes I alluded to in a previous blog post involves relocation. And TSH and I have spent a lot of time flat-hunting in our chosen new location. We don’t know anyone there (yet) and as I’m the one going to be primarily living there, we needed to find somewhere in the right part of the city, was in a secured building and that I felt safe there. Sorting out the flat has taken a bit of time and AirBnB has proven incredibly affordable. One stay, last week was in a tower block with city-wide views. And a balcony…

We’d been out for a drink and then something to eat and by the time we got back to the flat, a fair amount of alcohol had been consumed and we’d both shed our inhibitions to a large extent.

He pushed me back against the wall and kissed me, reaching down to tease between my thighs, me moaning into the kiss, not wanting it to end. My head translating the sensation of being trapped between him and the wall into something that really turned me on. We headed over to the sofa, a large leather piece with its back to both the view and the sliding doors that led to the balcony.

We drank more wine, chatting and kissing, nice and chilled out. Time just seemed to slide by. And then I climbed onto his lap and all our clothes ended up on the floor. There was more kissing and teasing and he manipulated me round until my bottom was right on the edge of the seat, my feet hooked on the coffee table. He kissed down my inner thighs, over and over until I was desperate for his mouth on my clit. But he continued to tease, taking his time, making sure I was comfortable and wanting him to continue.

He let me guide him, telling him what felt better, what was too intense, what I wanted more or less of. The alcohol meant my brain quietened down so I could relax and enjoy what he was doing. And I did. I really did. To the extent I had my hand on the back of his head, willing him not to stop.

But he had other ideas, pulling me round until I was on my knees on the sofa, facing the window. It was the perfect position to see out over the city and be fucked in. And that’s what we did. We left the side light on, enough that we could still see our reflections in the glass doors but if anyone were to look, they’d know exactly what we were up to. We’d look at each other in the glass and then focus out over the city, watching traffic and people beneath us, oblivious to us. I leant over and slid the door open, the cool, fresh night air a welcome reprieve against the warm, pheromone-filled air inside.

We were both a little bit too drunk to care about orgasm and had a very hedonistic, sensual fuck instead. His cock was rock hard as he pushed into my cunt, all wet and ready for him. And as we fucked, I reached round, playing with my clit, taking in every sensation. Hot flesh. Cool breeze. His hand resting on my throat, sending shivers through me. His hand coming down on my arse, spanking hard, to make me clench round his cock. His fingertips gripping into my hips, hands splayed across my hip bones, sheer joy. And we continued like that, just enjoying each other.

I think we collapsed into bed around 4am, continuing to tease and kiss until we fell asleep. It was a night of pleasure. Gratification from being skin-on-skin, sexual energy just aligning right. Perfect.

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  1. …all our clothes ended up on the floor…

    Hmm, how did that happen? I love that… they just kind of remove themselves because they know they’re in the way… my favorite kind of clothes just disappear without a worry.

    Excellent and sexy.

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