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I love squishy, naked, spooning hugs. And I’m great at being the little spoon, it’s my favourite type of lying-down hug. There’s something incredibly sexy about the warmth of flesh covering my back and being wrapped in a pair of arms.

If I’m lying on my right side, I’ll often go into ‘snooze mode’ in this position and that says a lot for how relaxed I’m able to be. It’s a literal “I’ve got your back” that calms my brain and makes me feel safe. And because I don’t lie still for long, I can easily wriggle round so I’m lying on my back but still embraced in a huge, comforting hug. I also get very cold feet, so lying like this helps me warm them up on a willing victim TSH.

It’s also a great position for sexy things to start. A nibble on the back of my neck and shoulders, making me push back against rigid cock. Hands roaming down my front, fingers grazing and pinching my nipples or further still to my clit.

From little spoon position, I can be rolled on to my front and fucked from behind. A hand pressing down on the back of my neck, or fingertips pulling me upwards, digging into my hips. Or I can be rolled the other way, exploratory slaps pulling me out of my relaxed haze and making me wet and ready.

I’ve tried being big spoon but the only time I like this is when my front is cold and needs warming fast.

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13 thoughts on “Little Spoon

  1. I’m not a great spooner, since I’m prone to ‘dead arm’. I do snuggle up behind my wife tho’ when it’s cold. That’s the only time she’ll let me, because she wants to get warm fast! ๐Ÿ™‚ Other ties she’s not into it because she thinks I’ll get horny. Which I do.

  2. We would always spoon when we were ready for sleep either following sex or just ready to turn out the light. The problem our two naked bodies generated so much heat it was uncomfortable. I always wanted to sleep all night touching. I like to touch and be touched. Feels soooo good.

  3. I’m always the little spoon too – for both the warm comfort and the hot kink. When we go to bed, we spoon. When we’re ready to sleep, we turn over and technically it’s spooning but we call it jetpacking because I told him only I could be the little spoon so when the role is reversed, I’m really just his jetpack. (And also, we’re weird, lol.)

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