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I love a good spanking! There’s different types of spankings for different occasions and every one of them works for me.

The Positions

  • Over the knee, my legs scissored between his, dangling down and unable to move. Usually used in conjunction with role play, or verbal play that I’ve been naughty and deserve to be punished, at the very least. Frustrating as I can’t grind my clit down onto his thigh as I want, only as he wants.
  • Him leant upright against the headboard, legs outstretched. Me laid across his lap. Sometimes I’m restrained, sometimes just held in place. Easier for me to feel the hardness of his cock jutting into my thigh. Or him to see how wet I am before deciding whether to continue or to fuck me.
  • The punishment/funishment – Fully restrained, leant over a solid pile of pillows or similar, my legs at ninety degrees to my back to stretch out the muscles. This is the position that it hurts the most in. And normally a prelude to further impact play.

The Spankings

  • The Warm Up – Even pressure and an even pace as he methodically spanks across my buttocks and down my thighs, letting the skin warm and redden underneath his hand. He gradually increases the pressure until I’m just getting to the ‘ow’ stage. It’s here that he’ll take a break, or roll up his sleeves, or grab a hitty implement. Whatever it is, the warm up is just the prelude. Sometimes, he’ll go in cold but that’s far closer to punishment and it takes my head longer to process the pain.
  • The Relaxation Spanking – Most of the time we play, it’s about endurance. Intensity. Pain. Duration. A relaxation spanking isn’t. It’s designed to deliberately take my head to nice, fuzzy places. He will really ramp the pain up, but then pull it right back, so there’s much more variation in pressure. This sort of spanking is where we connect on a more intimate level, if we both get into that flow state. I’ve been known to nearly fall asleep after one of these.
  • The Funishment – Hard restraints and lots of variation of implements, going back to hand spanking in-between. When we play like this and get into the right flow, I take the full intensity of TSH’s back or forehand swing against my buttocks. It’s bruising and painful and I love it.
  • The Creative – TSH just finds a spot that’s unexpected and hones in on that. As I wrote in my ‘Thud vs Sting‘ post:

“Recently, he spanked a very specific spot on the top inside of my thigh, just where my bottom and thigh meet. As he hit, the air pushed through my legs, across my cunt. Fear that he’d catch me somewhere really painful mingled with the synergistic sting of multiple blows in that same place.”

  • The headfuck – he’ll lightly spank the same place over and over. The building sensation tells my brain it hurts, but it actually doesn’t. Back of my thigh. Back of my calf. A building percussive spank that just messes with my head and has me wriggling and writhing just as much as if he were hitting me a lot harder.
  • The bastard – where he’ll tie me face up and spank up my inner thighs to my clit. I hate it, he knows I hate it but wants to do it anyway. Which is exactly why I want him to do it.

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22 thoughts on “Spanks!

  1. I loooooooove spankings…and we do them in a lot of similar ways – except for “the bastard” – for us, that’s when I let him come at me with the cane because he loves it even though I hate it, lol.

  2. The relaxation one. That one is one I love for the fact that it takes me down so much I just want to pass out. I love that one when I’m tired already and just want to float.

    Love your spanking variations. Many I’ve experienced to a degree and enjoy. The last one made me shudder. Any area of my thighs makes me unhappy when hit. Ugh. No thanks.

    1. I’ve had quite severe sessions where I’ve moaned afterwards that it’s not actually supposed to be punishment, but even so, I’ve still got what I needed from it, just not in a way that I liked, or tolerated well..!

  3. Fantastic post and so agree there are different spankings for different occasions – and yes the feeling when you are spanked over and over in the same place – I always think he will change it up and then his hand comes down in the same place and the pain gets so exaggerated…

  4. I’m craving a relaxation punishment now after reading that! I love all sort of different spankings for several reasons, it’s something we don’t do often enough.

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