Going Solo

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There’s nothing quite like having a solo masturbation session, and it’s definitely a huge part of my sexual make up.

Bringing myself to orgasm is a multi-layered thing. It’s a wake up, a go to, a come down. Something to settle my nerves or to alleviate boredom. It’s a way of getting into my head and seeing where my imagination takes me. It’s looking after myself, being intimate and connected and accepting my body.

Being able to enjoy myself and make myself come is part of my emotional, physical and mental well-being.

I’m over the orgasm block I had a few months back thank goodness. If I start fantasising before I touch myself and am in the right head space, I can get myself there in a few minutes. Just like old times.

And I’m more able to come more than once. Not often, but it’s slowly happening more often. And on my front too, not just in one single, frustrating position.

There’s something delicious too, about slipping my hand down the front of my knickers in the middle of the day. Or playing with myself in the bath when everything’s more wet and slippery.

I need specific clitoral stimulation to come, but it’s not stopped me exploring different ways of physically turning myself on… My ambit dildo hits a very specific spot that just makes me clench, and when I do come, it’s all the more powerful.

And I love mutual masturbation. Listening and watching someone else jacking off, and knowing they’re watching me back is incredibly sexy. But it’s still not the same as doing it in completely my own space, totally in my own head with no diversions or interuptions.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t love fucking and being fucked either, but if I don’t have that time to myself regularly, I turn into a very grouchy kitty.

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9 thoughts on “Going Solo

  1. In his book on the extended sexual organism Alan Brauer talks about the advantages of solo masturbation. The book was published probably a good 40 years ago but it is an excellent book and is still available at Amazon. He describes the importance of getting oneself “ready” to masturbate. I recommend it. Also some great stuff on partner sex.

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