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TSH and I played this afternoon. It was unexpected and very needed. And a total surprise.

I entered a headspace I wasn’t expecting, where everything didn’t feel quite real, somehow.

It started innocently enough and was a bit of fun. I’d built some flatpack furniture and had just finished as he entered the room. I was already sat on the floor so I crawled over to where he stood.

“Good Kitty,” he said, and scritched behind my ears.

I rubbed my face on him and purred.

The next thing, I was on my feet, my arms pinned behind me as he kissed and bit my shoulders. I purred louder. Holding my arms firmly in place, he stripped me naked and propelled me into the corner of the room.

He crossed my arms behind my back and left me facing the wall with a “wait here.”

I did, reality melting away. I heard him come back, knew he was putting the underbed restraints in place. And I waited.

Holding my wrists, he pushed me onto the bed, bottom high in the air. It was uncomfortable but I didn’t care. He spanked me, a few times on each cheek, and then got me to move into a better position for the restraints.

He hadn’t told me to change my basic position, so I remained ass high until he moved me. Arms first, stretching them out in front of me, to put me in a position of vulnerability and supplication. And then he gripped at my inner thighs to pull me down on to the mattress.

Limb by limb, he fastened me to the bed, tightening the straps until I was spreadeagled, unable to escape or move. He played with me, massaging my buttocks, making me rise off the bed in pleasure and then smacking me down. He held me wide open so I could feel cold air all over. Over my wet cunt, over the pucker of my ass. By this time, my head was in a different place altogether.

“You’re so wet, dirty slut,” he told me, his fingers spreading my wetness even further. Pushing his fingers into me, rubbing my clit, pinching and pulling my outer labia.

Positioning himself behind me, he rubbed his cock along the length of my wetness. “Do you want this?” he asked. I could barely whimper.

And he thrust into me. Hard movements that hit my cervix, and hurt. But I didn’t want him to stop. I was his to be used, however he saw fit.

He pulled a pillow under my hips and continued his punishing pace. The extra pressure made the friction of his cock against my front wall a frustrating tease. But the pillow was too soft, in the wrong place, to give me any resistance and despite trying to grind down, my efforts were futile.

I felt him spurt inside me. Felt the tension shift in his body above me. And when he pulled out, I was surprised he left me fastened. He laid beside me, scratching big sweeping strokes up and down my back. I purred in my relaxed state, happy to just lie there, his come leaking out of me, used. Wanted.

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