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I got into bed last night, completely knackered. It had been a long day and a long couple of weeks, and all I wanted to do was sleep. But TSH had other ideas.

I laid there, prone. Arms and legs slowly relaxing, my head flat on the mattress. TSH curled over me and kissed the back of my neck. Just once.

I moaned, some spark ignited.

He knew how tired I was and moved over me, planting gentle kisses down my spine. And harder ones across my shoulders and up my neck. And gentle kisses just behind my ear. And then back to my neck and shoulders. I’m not sure where the kisses turned into open-mouthed ones, or the sucking started or the biting stopped. But in my sleepy state, it was hugely arousing. He knows my sweet spots well.

I gratified him with moans of pleasure and pushed up against his rigid cock. All the while he kissed me, I heard the urgency, I heard his need. It came out in the control of his movements, the catch of his breath, the moans that escaped him too.

But in those moments, he made it all about me. Ensured I wanted him. Ensured I was wet and ready for when he slid into me.

And he did, and somehow, I got oh-so-close to orgasm. I trembled and whimpered beneath him as the pressure inside me built. But, as is always the case, it wasn’t quite enough.

Even when first he, then I, slid a hand underneath us to play with my clit, I couldn’t quite get there. TSH did, in hard bursts that reverberated through my aching cunt.

After, we both lay there and he gripped at the soft flesh of my thighs and my belly, as I fingered myself to climax, with an urgency that betrayed my tiredness.

We have two days left together before I have to leave. On Wednesday, I’ll get on a three hour flight and won’t see him again until December. It’s complex. It’s emotional. And I can’t quite put any of it into words, other than all the planning in the world doesn’t prepare you for the actual event.

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9 thoughts on “Urgency

    1. I don’t come in any position other than missionary. The fact that I even got close to feeling like I might is a HUGE step forward for me 🙂

  1. Ugh, no, nothing ever actually prepares you for the event. Leaving JB used to feel like ripping myself in half every time. ((HUGS)) for that.

    But this scene? I could almost feel the sensations of finding those sweet spots and his touch on your body. The urgency was there, but so was the absolute decadence of full-bodied pleasure.

    1. I’ve packed my case and can’t actually say how I feel right now. All the planning in the world couldn’t prepare me for emotional side of things. Thank you for the hug, it’s appreciated 🙂

  2. Being apart from someone you care about is difficult and there is very little you can do to prepare for it. You can try to mitigate it in as many ways as possible but in the end it is tough.

    You captured those frustrations well and it brought me back to the times when Kayla and I were LDR.
    My thoughts are with you and hopefully the time passes swiftly.

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