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Yesterday was a weirdly sex-filled day. Planning going to a kink party. Swapping sexy photos we’d found on Tumblr and FetLife. A bit of sexy chat. And all the while, I got more and more aroused. I could have done something at any time, but I didn’t.

So when I finally got into bed, my clit was swollen, desperate. I had that latent ache of needing to come. I rested my fingers on my clit, the light pressure in itself enough to make me want to arch up against them. Light teasing strokes had me gasping. Wanting.

I was tired though, unfocussed. And in a weird, edging way, allowed my mind to wander, coming back to the task in hand every so often. I was wet. Wanting.

And out of nowhere, the dam burst. I came so hard that it knocked the air out of my lungs, my whole body convulsing.

Once I’d relaxed, the muscular pulses having stopped their violent spasms, I knew I needed to come again. I’m not multi-orgasmic. But occasionally, when I’ve orgasmed really hard, I need to come again, like a come down.

I knew it would take a while. But this time, it didn’t. My cunt was soaking, my fingers frictionless as they worked over my clit. And I arched and moaned and came again.

I lay there, exhausted. But my cunt hadn’t finished. I came once more.

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