Once Bitten…

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I went to a play event last week. There were people there that I knew, so although it was odd turning up by myself, it wasn’t the most intimidating thing I’ve done recently (that’s a different blog post!). I got talking to a friend of a friend and we found a quiet corner to play in. Turns out he likes to bite…

Sinful Sunday: Once Bitten

My shoulder is still tender, and there are teeth marks in the top bruise. It was an incredibly sexy and erotic experience at the time and I was hugely turned on. But now, it’s left me in a complex headspace of what I want and need and how to access that.

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22 thoughts on “Once Bitten…

  1. I sometimes used to bite (and be bitten) but I don’t think I’ve produced anything quite that pronounced. But I do remember admiring and checking my bruises every couple of hours. Used to wear scarves a lot…
    It does sometimes take some time to process unexpected experiences, I hope you are ok with it all soon…

  2. I hear you on “double edged sword”. I hope you can enjoy them as they fade and find some resolution to that in between feeling.

    1. So do I. Most of this bruise is under the skin though, which does make is easier to hide and I can still poke it as a reminder!

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