Knickers and Slippers

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“Too much,” I told TSH as he worked his hands up under my top and scratched down my back. I was tired and laid out on the bed, face down, and he saw an opportunity. He’s only been home a few days after we’ve not seen each other for a couple of months, and he’s been keen to make up for lost time.

He eased off, using his fingertips instead. Long, sweeping strokes down my spine. Thumbs pushing against the outline of my shoulder blades. He unhooked my bra and eased my top over my shoulders, to give himself more of me to work with. I purred.

He took off my slippers and I pouted, telling him my feet were cold. He carried on and took off my jeans, leaving my knickers in place, and to my amusement, eased my slippers back on. He carried on easing his hands up and down my back, massaging my bottom, pushing his thumbs into all my sweet spots: round my shoulder blades, base of my skull, where my buttocks meet my thighs.

It was the perfect intersection of pleasure and pain and I started nodding off. A moment or two later, I realised what I’d done and apologised. He lay next to me, his erection bulging into my thigh and I knew what he wanted. But I first had to be in a slightly more awake mood.

I pushed my knicker-clad bottom up slightly and wiggled it. “You could spank it a little,” I said. “But only a little.”

“Just a little,” he agreed and brought his hand down in a light tap.

I wiggled again. “More.”

He tapped over the flesh of my bottom and top of my thighs, light and methodically. And then he got a bit harder, never hurting, just giving me a slight sting from time to time. My bottom heated up and I loved the feel of his hand coming down. It was all about sensation and nothing about pain, not my modus operandi, but perfect in the moment.

When he hit a little hard, I whinged and he backed right off, building the pressure up again. I behaved like a total princess and he indulged me.

Eventually, when our bodies were pressed against each other, I turned over and he eased himself into me. I was loose limbed and he fucked me slowly until we both, me in big grasping pulses around his cock.

Well, that last bit is true, but it does miss out the bit where I got cramp and told TSH to stop moving so I could very unsexily waggle my leg around to ease the pain. Eventually we both had a happy ending!

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