An Evening of Pleasure

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Despite TSH ostensibly being home for a few weeks, he’s been working at a remote site and staying in a hotel for a few days. So, last night Mr Biter came over. I’d not seen him since well before Christmas, so it was lovely to spend some time together. Turns out I quite like him..!

We cuddled up on the sofa for a bit. And then we ended up in bed, clothes magically melting to the floor. We re-acquainted ourselves with each others’ bodies… hands and lips roaming. He pulled me on top to straddle him, naked skin on naked skin, grabbing at my hips and bottom. I moaned, feeling myself getting wet in anticipation against his rock hard cock.

Grabbing a condom, I slid it on, and pushed myself down on him. His cock filled and stretched me, pushing against me in all the right places. I found myself grinding as hard as I could, pushing my clit against him, pushing him deeper into me; I couldn’t get enough.

And then he came, a hard, primal release that I felt pulsing inside of me, despite the condom.

I gently moved away and we fell into a hug.

He moved his hand to play with my clit, coating his fingers in my wetness first. And when I writhed under him, he slid down the bed, both of us re-arranging ourselves to accommodate his new positioning. He kissed and nibbled down my thighs, and ever so gently ran his tongue up one of my labia, then the other. I was warm and relaxed, and forced myself to keep relaxed and let it happen. He continued exploring my vulva with his tongue. Slow. Gentle. It was okay. No, it was more than okay, it was great.

And then it was too sensitive and I tapped on his arm, not wanting to speak and break the magic. So, he sucked on my clit instead, and it felt amazing. My moans and the way I tilted my hips towards him were an obvious encouragement and he continued. He exhaled hot breath on me, alternating sensations, and I really don’t know what else. I just know I liked it.

I became a wetter, still writhing, mess. And his kissed his way up my body until his cock pressed against my clit, moving ever so slightly. I was breathless in anticipation, so wet, so turned on, it felt obscene.

He grabbed a condom and pushed inside me. I told him how I wanted him to thrust; I wanted to orgasm. I’ve never orgasmed round his cock before. It’s fast becoming an obsession in my head, as I know I’ll love the sensation and intimacy of clenching round his cock as I come, followed by the aftershocks made more sensitive by his presence. I tilting my hips, dictated the speed and depth, edging ever closer. And just as my body got to that pre-orgasmic stage, the one where just one more thrust would do… he came. Literally out of nowhere. He was as shocked as I was, collapsing on me as I whispered a few “choice” words at him.

We moved back to hugging. And him playing with my clit. But it wasn’t enough, and feeling brave, I asked him to use his mouth on me again. He gladly agreed, and we repeated the cycle. Me, so. damn. close. to orgasm again, until we realised the condom had mostly come off. That put the damper on any more fucking but I loved that he’d made everything about me and my pleasure. Being the centre of his attention in that way is not something I’m used to, and I loved it.

So, he grabbed the wand. Applying it in tight circles. Switching it off after a few seconds, before I buzzed out, like I’d shown him before. On and off and on and off until I grabbed his wrist, wand on, and pushed it down on my greedy, swollen clit. Telling him not to fucking dare stop. Arching up in desperation after being denied for so long.

I came hard, him stopping the wand but holding it in place to give me something to grind against. I pushed his hand against me instead, preferring warm flesh to plastic, whilst the aftershocks ripped through me.

He had to leave soon after, but once I’d seen him out, I returned to bed. Big orgasms like that sometimes leave me feeling like there’s unfinished business now. They never used to, but then my orgasms were never that big. I pushed my fingers back against my clit, but there was something missing, so I grabbed my dildo from the drawer. It was cold and solid, unlike Mr Biter’s warm, more yielding cock. But that’s all I had. I pushed it in as far as it would go, the bend in its shaft pushing the head in mostly the right places, and held my hand against the base to stop it moving.

I had a hundred fantasies in my head. Thoughts of what we’d just done. Thoughts of what we’ve said we’ll do. My usual anonymous fantasies. Thoughts of conversations with my (potential) Dom. All of it flickering through my brain and not allowing me to focus on my pleasure. And then, somehow, my brain stopped. I came hard, feeling my clenching through the base of the dildo. I lay back, sated. Or so I thought.

The aftershocks continued, as I kept the pressure on the dildo base, and then I felt a series of very quick pulses, rather than the usual, more languid and fading clenches.

I circled my clit, experimentally. It felt good. Not too much. So, I made myself come again. It was just as hard and just as good. The quick pulses happened again. I don’t know that I’d have felt them, were it not for the dildo transmitting the movement through to my fingertips. They certainly came from deeper than I’m used to feeling.

So, what’s a girl to do? I made myself come a third time! This time it was more of an effort, and wasn’t quite as pleasurable.

But I lay back, enjoying that my body is slowly opening up to various possibilities.

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10 thoughts on “An Evening of Pleasure

  1. Mr. Biter sounds like a loving, caring, fun playmate to have. We should all be so lucky!

    Mrs. AP has had the problems of the Unfinished Business before. When we have the kids leave us alone long enough, those nights tend to result in her eventually getting sore and me having very tired arms and fingers (and maybe more) by the end. Funny how we’re always willing to pay that price for the experience we have, and sometimes learn new things about ourselves in the process. Congratulations on finding new things on your journey!

    1. I seem to have struck it lucky with Mr Biter, I will admit. And the unfinished business is a new thing and to be honest, has taken me by surprise, so I’m keen to keep exploring and encouraging my body…

  2. Oooh – very arousing. And three in a row . . . lovely!!!
    And I know what you mean about having the wand switched to off but needing it held there to push and grind against. Wonderful!!!
    Xxx – K

    1. I literally didn’t know I had it in me. I’m not multi-orgasmic, so I think this is only the second or third time it’s ever happened… Keen to explore it some more, for sure!!!

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