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The latest Kink of the Week topic is ‘anal sex’, and whilst it’s something I’ve done once, it’s not been repeated.

I love the taboo of anal play, my cunt clenching in anticipation of pushing those boundaries, even as my head says “no”. Having to breathe as a butt plug is slid in, forcing myself to relax as it stretches me, is a unique sensation. And being fucked whilst I’m filled like that is one of my favourite things.

I struggle with movement there though. It sets off a rising panic that I can’t quite get on top of. The times I’ve actively managed to put those feelings to the side are when I’ve either had something to drink, or spent a long time working up to it over an evening, with plenty of encouragement.

The one time TSH and I did have anal sex (read “Adventures in Anal” part 1, and part 2), it took a lot of warm up, and when we did it, it was incredibly emotional, intense, and connected. I loved every second.

We’ve never tried it since, although we both loved it. And it’s certainly something, that with the right encouragement, I’d happily try again.

Talking about it, it’s dirty and taboo, not something that “nice girls” do, which makes it more attractive. And I have darker fantasies about anal sex, but I think in reality, it’ll always be that hugely intimate and connected experience, with someone I trust.

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8 thoughts on “Deliciously Intimate

  1. I know what you mean about that panic – i used to really enjoy anal but an ex kinda ruined that and now when my man and I are trying I get panicked so it doesn’t happen…

    1. It’s something I think I’ll be okay with, with a lot of reassurance (like a lot of sexual activities for me, to be honest!) but it’s such a huge barrier in so many ways, that I totally understand how you feel…

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