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TSH and I have spent an intense few weeks together, and it’s not always been easy. Having spent eight weeks apart, I got used to my own space and it’s taken time to adjust back. That said, we’ve played hard and it’s been fun.

The first: New Year’s eve. Rope tied asymmetrically, including round my neck. TSH laid me on my front, slapping and pinching and finding my sweet spots. He knows where to push his thumbs in, creating that perfect mix of pleasure/pain, and had me purring.

He slid his hands under me, gripping the inside of my thighs, letting his hand brush across my clit, but never with enough pressure. And then, holding his fingers down the length of my labia; pressure on my clit, but no movement, no relief. All the while, me tied tightly, unable to stop him. He pushed his fingers into me; I was wet and wanting, and he pushed his fingers down against my G-spot, almost pinning me in place as he massaged.

And whilst I was held down in pleasure, he eased the metal butt plug in. Warming the lube, taking his time, eking out the moment.

When he’d prepared me, he turned me over, still tied, taking the opportunity to pull and tweak at the ropes. I felt heady and light, and floated off to interesting places. And then he fucked me until I came in an explosion of sensitivity, everything far too intense. The aftershocks turned into unpleasant shudders round his cock, everything too much. He pulled out and finished himself off, coming all over my chest and face.

The second: night in a hotel. We borrowed the baggage cart to get our random assortment of bags to the room. And decided to keep it a while. TSH stood me on the cart, placed my hands on the bars and slowly stripped me, fashioning my scarf into a collar, and attaching it to the hanging rail. He grabbed and slapped, pinching and pulling at my nipples bringing me to my tiptoes, pushing my legs apart. Feeling how wet I was through my panties.

“Wait,” he said. Like I was going anywhere!

He rummaged in one of the cases and came back holding a blindfold. Once on, I was plunged into darkness, time slowing as my brain let go of control. Over Christmas, TSH bought me some custom-dyed purple rope… it’s 5mm jute, rather than the 8mm hemp we’re used to playing with. He tied one wrist and attached it to the cart, and with a second piece, did a painful upper leg wrap, pulling at the rope to make me move, the change in muscle conformation hurting in such a good way.

He also used a few choice other toys – his belt, the clover clamps on my labia. All the things we’d not managed to play with for so long. And it hurt so good.

He used the first piece of rope to tie round my breasts, but the rope was too much and I couldn’t process the pain as he was too fast, too used to our other rope. It was sharper, bitier and I needed more time than he gave me.

So, he pulled me down off the cart and retied me, both of my arms in a ‘futo momo’ pushed over my head, the leg wrap and blindfold still intact. He fucked me until I came so hard, the point of orgasm lost in all the other sensations, until I clenched round his cock like I’ve not felt in a while.

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12 thoughts on “Standout Scenes

  1. Wow the rope stuff sounds amazing – i have a love-hate relationship with being blindfolded – I love it cause of the anticipation but hate it as when I don’t have my visuals i sometimes find it difficult to recall what went on at a later time

    1. We’ve spent some time finding a blindfold I’m comfortable with, and it was worth it for the anticipation. I’m not always good at remembering things when I can see, but I do like prompts and cues and they do keep me grounded in a scene, so I know what you mean x

      1. Yes, that’s the thing trying to keep grounded when such adrenalin is running thru your veins!
        My MM post this week is unusual for me in that it’s fiction, would be cool if you have a read when u got a moment ;-)x

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