Oops, I Did it Again…

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I’m not sure how it happened, but I found myself switching again. This time, with TSH. And this time, it was okay emotionally. I didn’t have an identity crisis; I knew that it was about the experience for us both, and nothing any more significant.

We had to establish a dynamic, and did it through consensual teasing. He decided on calling me “Miss” and I agreed. It’s not something I identify with, but it worked for what we needed it to. And in return I called him boy. Again, it worked.

I tied his wrists together – a single column tie on each wrist; easy to unfasten quickly. And bound the remaining rope around. It wasn’t elegant, but it did the job of setting the scene and was safe. The shears sat on the bedside table, just in case.

TSH was already wearing just his boxers. I ran my fingers up and down his chest, testing, teasing, a combination of fingertips and nails. Waiting for the shudder as I brushed over his abdomen, edging my digits ever closer to his straining cock.

I stripped off. And straddled him, grinding my cunt against his clothed erection until he moaned and said, “please.” So, I stopped.

Taking pity on him for a microsecond, I removed his boxers and continued my tease. I licked, and scratched in gentle waves. He doesn’t like pain, only milder sensation and he’s definitely the sadist to my inner masochist, so we both knew I wouldn’t hurt him in any way. The idea of inflicting pain is a huge turn off for me, so he knew he was safe.

I licked up the length of his cock, and then had an idea. It was something I’d never done before in my life… something I’m horrifically uncomfortable with, even just the idea, but the dynamic seemed to suit.

I made him move down the bed, until he was flat, and comfortable, not propped up by pillows. And wriggling up, I lowered myself onto his face, telling him what to do… suck… breathe… don’t lick…

And I realised that it was okay, and whilst I’d never come like that, I enjoyed the sensation, resisting the urge to grind down, or grab his hair. My confidence wasn’t at that level. And to be fair to TSH, the whole thing was equally a surprise to him.

Moving down again, I kissed him, my juices still wet on his mouth. Another surprise for us both.

My hand landed on the mini flogger, and I swished it round, teasing and testing his reactions again. Seeing what he liked. The tails stroking up his balls. A little harder. The delicate impact starting to make a sound. He was rock hard.

And then I switched to dragging the tails across his cock. Slow, insistent, torturous.

He arched and moaned. “Please Miss, I would like to come.”

I plugged the wand in, holding it in exactly the right place as he encouraged me. Whilst I was ostensibly in charge, I let him lead, and we kept up the pretence of the dynamic as we did so. He came quickly, in big, gasping spurts. As he did so, he said the only thing of the night that had any affect on me… “Thank you for my orgasm, Miss.” It wasn’t a huge thrill, but it definitely made me feel I’d fulfilled my role properly.

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9 thoughts on “Oops, I Did it Again…

    1. I think we were just trying the experience; it’s not a role I’ll volunteer for, but it wasn’t emotionally hideous like last time, either!

  1. I love your story. I am taken to a world I have never experienced but you make it so real and my goodness I think I would enjoy trying those pleasures which you have so vividly described.

    1. It was certainly an experience, but I’m definitely not a switch, so if TSH wants to do it again, that could be an interesting conversation…

  2. Of course, as someone who delights in my only role, I want you to to revel in whatever role your brain decides to put you in, but I’m glad it didn’t send you into a spiral…and it was a deliciously hot read. 🙂

    1. I’m as ambivalent about switching as I am about vanilla sex; I think the first time put my brain into overload but I’m now just “meh” about it, and that’s okay.

  3. Sounds like you did a fine job, often I’ve wondered what it would be like if Kayla switched but that is just fantasy.
    Never hurts to dip your toes in the water and give it a try, only way to know if you like it or not.

    1. Well, I know I’m very neutral about it now; doesn’t do anything for me, but at least I didn’t have a meltdown like last time!!!

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