Towelling Off

Meme Header: Sinful Sunday

I’m tasked to send specific pictures to Sir, and of course TSH and Mr Biter benefit from that. My instructions for this particular image were, “… to be of your whole body, wrapped in a towel, with plenty of leg on display…” And of course, I was happy to oblige…

Wriggly Kitty wearing nude hold-ups, her red shoe visible

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Sinful Sunday Meme

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18 thoughts on “Towelling Off

    1. I get different instructions every day for photo tasks… the only day I don’t is Sunday, when it’s up to me what I send…

    1. It’s a daily thing, and well-defined enough, except on Sunday’s when I have free rein… it’s the Sunday photo that makes me more anxious as I like parameters to work with! And yes, the photo was very well received 😉

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