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I no longer derive my sense of self-worth through others’ eyes. That time is gone. I am enough. I may still not see myself through the eyes of others; that day is coming. I am enough.

Sinful Sunday: Enough

This weeks entry for Sinful Sunday is inspired by the glorious Fire and Honey… her boobday photo and accompanying comments inspired this shot.

My ex-husband used to say, “any more than a handful is a waste.” I was two and half stone lighter, and my then-much-smaller boobs fitted nicely into his large hands. Yet, he’d stroke and caress them despite my encouragement for rougher play, and my physical intolerance to light touch that he never understood. So, I retreated inwardly to a world where they were grabbed and slapped instead. We weren’t enough for each other.

And when TSH and I got together, I knew I had to put everything on the line. Vanilla was not enough. I was not able to be enough, feel enough, experience enough of the endorphin rush, the validation, the sheer satisfaction, that world of it being right.

Now, I know, and I was right. The kink helps me understand where I am in the world and keeps me grounded. I am enough.

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20 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Oh my goodness, this brought tears to my eyes. Of course you’re enough. So beautiful and I’m so honoured you connected with my post xx

    1. It’s funny how things connect and resonate isn’t it? I left a half-formed comment on your blog and my brain held on to that and ran with it… And I love how we can all raise each other up, thank you ❤️

  2. You are certainly more than enough. What a lovely shot – direct, challenging, confident.

    (I also know what it is like to be inspired by FireAndHoney…)

    1. Thank you. And I have so many feels about you and FireAndHoney – I love seeing your interactions through your blogs xxx

  3. “I am enough” That should be something we are all confident with and yet I think many of us struggle with it. For me finding a partner that believed it really was the turning point for me


    1. With all the issues TSH and I had last year, and all the soul searching I went through, the more recent idea that there were three men interested (although it’s back down to two)… all of these things have somehow told me that I’m okay in my own right. And even right now, when I’m feeling physically dropped (because my head is playing silly buggers), I have a core strength to draw on. I hope it stays…

  4. Very hot image! I think it is absolutely wonderful you are able to feel this way! We are all the only person we can be and that is always enough. I just need to remind myself of that a lot lol
    Aurora x

  5. That is a saying I often say myself but I use it as someone who wishes I had bigger boobs. I hadn’t even considered the negative connotations.

    Love this image and your words make me very happy, you are definitely enough!

    1. There’s always a balance. The grass is not always greener… (In a morose mood) but yes, whoever you are, wherever you are… You are enough… Xxx

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