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1. Tell us two reasons why you would stay in a bad relationship.

I’d preferably not, but life isn’t always that straightforward… fear of loneliness was one in my early twenties. And I’ve stayed in toxic relationships, both platonic and romantic, out of loyalty. The other person had to either break up with me, or hurt other people in my life for me to let go.

2. Do you wish your private life was kinkier?

If you read my blog at all, you’ll know that’s a Hell yes! I don’t need a 24/7 dynamic, but I do need structure, consistency and to be put in my place, for want of a better phrase. And when that comes with restraint and control, I turn into a wet and wanting mess. The kink I’m getting isn’t without its issues, and I really need someone who has that Dom-like edge to play with.

3. Tell us about your weirdest sexual experience.

Weirdest is… I don’t know. I had an MFM threesome over Christmas (that I’m yet to blog about) and in that, had a moment where I laid back, a cock in each hand and thought, “holy shit, I’m really doing this!” That was certainly a moment!

4. Can you have a totally hands-free orgasm?

Oh, I wish! Orgasm is still challenging at times, even by myself. During PIV sex, I can orgasm relatively easily with TSH but can’t with Mr Biter. Some kind of mind trick that helps me orgasm would be very welcomed.

5. What tips can you give for staying hard (you personally or keeping your partner hard)?

I can’t orgasm with Mr Biter and the best thing I can do it not to focus on it, and enjoy what we’re doing rather than seeing orgasm as an endpoint. And I guess it’s the same with staying hard… just relax and enjoy what’s happening.

Bonus: Is it okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day even though you have a partner? Why or why not?

I don’t like the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, or how it ‘others’ people who aren’t in a heteronormative, romantic relationship . And I certainly don’t need a day dictating to me that I tell people in my life that I love them. I do that anyway and I’d rather have the contentment of knowing where I stand with people than a grand sweeping gesture. Any day is a good day to treat me with prosecco and my favourite chocolates (coughs at TSH and Mr Biter) anyway!!!

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