Ah yes, the ubiquitous and necessary ‘about’ page. I’m not sure what this blog is about yet, so don’t hold your breath… I may be some time. Meanwhile, here’s some things about me:

In the last month and in no particular order, I’ve been called uptight, filthy, boobilicious and “like bloody Mary Whitehouse.”

I like cute socks, unicorns and rainbows. My current socks are leopard-print with little ears that poke up above the elastic. My thigh-high rainbow socks make me happy and I got Totoro socks for Christmas, which are awesome.

I also like scarves, huge wedges of gingerbread, purr like a cat when I’m happy, am as kinky as fuck and love a good brew.

Update March 2017 🙂 … I have one tattoo four tattoos and thought I might get one more. But now I want two more… I can’t decide the designs though so it’s on hold until I make my mind up..

I also have a long-term health condition which affects my stamina/muscle strength and can cause me to be tired really easily as well as causing achy joints and foggy thinking. It was diagnosed over a decade ago. My ex couldn’t handle it and it’s taken me a long time to accept it as part of who I am with my physical limitations, and recognising triggers and warning signs. Whether I listen to my body or not is a different matter…

I was sexually-abused when I was 16. That’s a long time ago but it’s only now, when I’m perilously close to being 40 that I’m 40, that I’m stepping into myself and shaking off the past. It’s affected my entire life to date, but with professional help, I’m working through it and have never been more confident or happy.

Dislikes? Trolls, the far-right, sprouts, empty wine bottles and slugs.

Other likes? Exhibiting brattish behaviour, as that always leads to SPANKINGS… 😉