I saw the crawling prompt for Kink of the Week and it tapped into a bit of my brain. I’ve never been told to crawl in anything other than a fun sense: TSH & I were watching a spanking DVD, me sat on the floor between his legs. We needed to switch the disc or something and in keeping with our viewing, he told me to crawl over so he could watch my arse as I moved. So I crawled the few feet forward and made the most of it…

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MFM Fantasies

I’ve fantasised for a long time about MFM threesomes and TSH is very enthusiastic too. We both want different experiences out of it though and although there is an overlap, his ultimate threesome fantasy and mine are not the same. We have had a threesome with another woman but that was complicated and whilst I very occasionally fancy a specific woman, it’s cock that does it for me!

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