Look at Me

One thing I struggle with is self-confidence. Both in what I do and more physically. I do things in real life under both my real name and a pseudonym and find it easier not being “me” – under my pseudonym, I am ‘more than,’ an exaggerated, more confident self. Still struggling when I do things that put me in a more public gaze, but easier than when I’m just me. It’s my ying and yang, my extrovert and my introvert.

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Narcissistic Me

This week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday is ‘Celebrity’ which threw me as in every day life, I hate the limelight. And I’m not a fan of popular culture. I’m interested in people who shine and make a difference, not fly-by-night z-listers. I feel I can’t compare with the people I admire, so I try and fade into the background whenever I can. However, sexually or in the bedroom, things change…
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