Revolving Doors

Since starting this blog, my life has been a series of revolving doors. Realising I’m polyamorous. Redefining my sexuality. Going through a break up and make up. Losing people from my life and understanding the role they played. Finding new friends, remaking old ones, and finding out who’s got my back. TSH and I uprooting our entire life. My mental health. Going round in circles, revisiting old ground to find new perspectives… It’s all been a huge headfuck.
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How Abuse Affects My Sexuality

Content warning: as the title suggests, there is (fairly heavy) mention of abuse in this article, plus mention of self harm. A quote of mine was featured in Metro this week and for editorial reasons, it was cut down. However, it did get me thinking about how my past has affected every aspect of my sexual, and indeed other, behaviours.

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