Who’s Who

In the interests of keeping identities secret, I’ve assigned acronyms to the people featured on this blog:

TSH (aka the sexy husband): this man literally makes my world go round. He’s the centre of my universe and even though we could kill each other on a regular basis, he’s my everything. He helped me find out who I am kink-wise, identifies as top with some Dom tendencies, and as they say, “it’s always the quiet ones”… he’s complete sadist at times 🙂

Update: We separated but realised we didn’t want to be apart, so found a new way forward. It’s a step by step process.

TEO (aka the evil one): we message and it gets quite… um… steamy sometimes. He’d love to get his hands on me, not that I’m a brat you understand, so despite what he says, I don’t deserve any punishment he’d like to mete out. Various circumstances means it’s virtual only.

Update: Currently tailed off.

FLG (aka FetLife Guy): local, interesting and interested. We’ll see how this develops…

Update: We both got the feels but it was a case of ‘right person, wrong time’ … see All Good Things (June ’17)

Mr Biter: local, friend of friends. Started exploring Nov ’17.