Communication Breakdown

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about polyamory and it is a whole new language and set of concepts: unicorns, triads, polyfidelity… Whatever a thing is, it’ll be labelled and categorised.

The key concept that repeatedly comes up is communication. That’s no surprise, any relationship needs this at its core, in a form that works for whoever is involved.

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Connecting the Dots

I’m not good at thinking on my feet and need time to process conversations and situations. What I am good at however, is pattern matching and making connections, treating it all as data I guess, that can be interpreted until I understand who/what I’m dealing with. This isn’t necessarily the best thing for an overthinker but does lead to interesting insights, so I’m not going to complain too loudly.

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Stuck (Heart Vs Head)

I had a choice of blog posts lined up today… one about my first kiss and a very serious conversation with FLG and the other, about TSH’s missed opportunity to fuck another woman. But neither of them seemed right.

I’m currently sat outside in the sun, a gentle breeze running through my hair, barefoot because it’s warm enough. Work-wise, I’ve not done anything other than check my emails for the past couple of days (good for a workaholic to know that it doesn’t all go to shit without me on it 24/7) and my head’s all over the place. The bucolic scene in the background belies the fact that I have 48 hours left to make the decision of my life, knowing whatever I choose, it is the hardest choice I’ll ever make…

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