Fat Leg

A futo momo is a rope tie, meaning ‘fat leg’. It’s an ankle to thigh tie and can be used for self-bondage as well as being tied by other people. I’ve seen it used on arms and legs and in both suspension and floor work. And there’s something about the constriction of rope that’s lovely and releasing, not to mention admiring the patterns the rope leaves on the skin…

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Good Things Come in Small Parcels

Rope is still something TSH & I are exploring. It’s truly amazing stuff, for both of us. This time, when I thought he was gradually releasing me, he took me by surprise. Leaning back against him for support, he took the ties back until just my arms were still harnessed. Usually, he’d slowly unwrap me and massage my upper arms until I felt able to move again. Not this time. He tied off a loop around my neck and when he was happy it was secured, he pulled me forwards until I was doubled over, fastening the remaining length around first my ankles and then wrapping it round my back, wedging it between my toes. There was nothing I could do, nowhere I could go. I could just… be.

So I stayed there, my breathing gradually slowing, my brain emptying until it was just me, blissfully wrapped in a little parcel.

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Captured and Waiting

We had time last night before we went out. I’d had my nails done and was about to pour a bath when TSH grabbed me. He pulled me to the floor and tied me (you can’t quite tell, but my left wrist is firmly cuffed: I wasn’t going anywhere), shoving a dressing gown under my head as a makeshift pillow. He whispered what he wanted to do to me… and then left me, waiting.

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